THE UGC PLANNER: For UGC creators!

Plan out all your UGC content & commitments with ease!


  • UGC Client Invoice (editable)

  • UGC Creator Agreement (editable)

  • UGC Pitch Script

  • Daily UGC Planner

  • Weekly UGC Planner

  • Weekly Self Care Planner

  • Monthly Calendar

  • Daily Publishing Tracker

  • Brainstorming Content Creation sheet


1. Is the Invoice & Agreement document editable and printable?

  • Yes. they are editable and printable using Canva for free.

2. Do I have to use the Pitch Script as is or can I change some words?

  • No. You do not have to use the script as is, you can remove or add words to it to sound more like your brand!

3. Can I write on these documents with a Tablet or iPad etc?

  • Yes. You can use any device or software that allows you to write on PDF documents.

4. Can I resell this Planner?

  • No. This planner and the documents within it are not for resell.

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THE UGC PLANNER: For UGC creators!

Digital UGC Planner